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Who: Christine Sarkis

Where:  Belize

When: November 2006

What: There’s so much to love about Belize. Drive down any of the five (it’s a small country) main highways and you’ll see the cultural and ethnic diversity as you pass Maya villages and Mennonites wearing straw hats and overalls walking along the side of the road. Snorkel off the coast to discover the world’s second longest barrier reef. Head into any restaurant anywhere and savor the country’s magic condiment: Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce.

The dense jungle of the Peten district in western Belize is yet another thing to love about the country. If you know where to look, you’ll find incredible wildlife and the soaring remains of ancient Maya civilizations. This photo was taken at the Caracol archeological site, accessible via four-wheel drive vehicle, patience, and a high tolerance for rutted dirt roads. The city, still under excavation, may have once been home to 140,000 people and was larger than modern day Belize City.

This photo was taken atop the Caana pyramid. To get a sense of just how high it is (nearly 150 feet if I remember correctly), look across to the smaller pyramid on the left of the photo. See the even tinier person in blue way down there? That was our six-foot-tall guide. See how small those palm trees in the center of the photo are? Yup, this is one substantial piece of 3,000 year-old architecture.

Off in the distance is the jungle that separates Belize and Guatemala. On this day, the visibility was so good we could see into Guatemala. Not that there was much to see. Aside from more trees.


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