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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Photo by Christine Sarkis)

Who: Christine Sarkis

Where: Malécon, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

When: December 2008

What: Puerto Vallarta‘s malécon is a wide beachside path lined on one side by sand and water and on the other by a busy street with bars and clubs. The path is known partly for what surrounds it, but the real draw is what happens on and around it. Sand sculptors, buskers, performers of Aztec flying ceremonies, and others draw crowds day and night.

The walkway is punctuated by a series of sculptures that I found boldly unusual for public art. Fantastical—or maybe alien—creatures are often the subjects. This is one of the sculptures that garners a lot of attention. Few can (or do) resist the urge to climb at least a few rungs of the ladder—in fact so many people have a go that the ladder’s bottommost slats are rubbed shiny like a Buddha’s belly.

The strange sea-facing hooded creatures higher up the ladder reminded me of the vision I’ve always had of 19th century women pacing the widow’s walk of houses in the fishing towns of New England. Though you can’t see their faces, the simple posture of looking out on the ocean from a higher elevation conveys anticipation, worry, and even love. And the wave: Is it hello or goodbye?

I was happy to capture the late afternoon light and the red of the man’s t-shirt. And he’s looking towards the same speck on the horizon that the hooded creatures are waving to.


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